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The images from the competition 2013 are online!

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The FIRST LEGO League, shorten FLL, is an international competition where pupil teams with an age between 10 and 16 years compete with each other. The central part is a show-jumping course. The pupils have to master this show-jumping course with a roboter built and programmed by themself. In Central Europe this competition is organized by HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V..

The FIRST LEGO League is made from the cooperation of the LEGO Company and FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognation of Science and Technology), an American foundation, founded for the promotion of the children's interest into technology and science in 1998 in the US. Dean Kamen, the founder of FIRST and initiator of the FIRST LEGO League, summarizes the idea of the FIRST LEGO League: “We have to show the children that it can be more funny to make a video game or a robot than to play with it.”

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2013: Nature's Fury

This year we want to take part in the Lego League again, now with the heading Nature's Fury. Our plan: Becoming the world champions! As a special exception (attention: irony) the theme is about saving the nature. Exactlier, we will have to think about how robotics can help overcoming natural disasters. More than 2000 adolescents will occupy with awe-inspiring waves, earthquakes, storms and everything another we call natural disasters.

2012: Senior Solutions

It was one of the first articles in our news: We reached in Eberswalde at 21st November 2012 in the total results the 6th rank.

The subject 2012 was Senior Solutions, so we had to find out how we as a First Lego League-Team can help seniors in their daily lives. We should explore the old age and how it influences humen and their lifestyle. For the research assignment we learned more about the social sphere, the physically fitness and the move, scrutinized with it obstacles for older fellow occupants and formulated solution suggestions to help bettering the senior's quality of life.